All that time ago…

I split my soul in two.

Fragment’s Moonrise Official Trailer

One thousand years is too long. Awakening from a long slumber, the great Grandmaster Knulxevra finds the world to be corrupted by the very Fragment this being had contrived. With the Mystic race at the command of this master of mystical arts, Knulxevra sets out to do what is right and save this land from the corruption thus ensued. It is Knulxevra’s mess to fix, is it not?

Explore an Open World-

The world is vast, and very dangerous. One misstep and you’ll find the enemy to quickly overwhelm you with no hope for escape. Tackle challenging bosses to earn new spells you’ll be able to utilize, gather resources to enhance your army’s attributes and advance them further, and hone your skills against the hordes of dragons and other beasts waiting in ambush.

As you explore, you will fight powerful foes and acquire wondrous artifacts. Use these to bolster your warriors, research new spells, and advance your Mystics even further down their class path.

Wage War-

At the heart of Fragment’s Moonrise is waging war against the multitudes of foes of the land.

  • Never stop moving- movement is key to avoiding attacks from enemies while still striking at them yourself.
  • Invoke powerful spells to your advantage- there are many different beings at your disposal, each with a multitude of unique spells. Making use of their talents is the only way to come out successful, and to defeat even the strongest of enemies.
  • Control a Squadron- you are the commander of this small yet tight-knit group of spellcasters, and their lives hang in the balance. Maneuver them well, and they can live forever. But make one mistake, and all will be lost.

Experience Fragment’s Moonrise Classic-

The original project started off as a 2D randomly generated open world RTS, and is both accessible and included in the base game. When launching the game from your Steam Library, you will be given the option to play Classic. For more information about Classic, click here.

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